2018 Heritage Farm Workshops

Heritage Pasa Farmer-to-farmer exchange Event

On-Farm Fertilizer & Bio-Inoculant Production

  Saturday, June 16
Admission: $20/$25


Heritage Farm specializes in creating on-farm fertility inputs based on Korean Natural Farming principles. Farmer Adrian Galbraith-Paul will lead this CRAFT event illustrating how the farm makes a wide variety of fertilizers and bio-inoculants using waste products from local restaurants and cafes, as well as their own fields. Some of the preparations highlighted in this workshop will be FAA (fish amino acid), FPJ (fermented plant juice), IMO (indigenous microorganism), JMS (Jadam Microbe Solution, WSC (water soluble calcium) and
WSPC (water soluble potassium calcium).




Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Promoting Profitable Farms that Produce Healthy Food for All People While Respecting the Natural Environment



Do you allow walk-ins?

Yes! Walk-ins are welcome. Call (814) 349-9856 x25 for more information.

Is there financial aid for this event?

This event is free to all.

What should I prepare/bring with me to this event?

This event will be outside, so dress accordingly.

Bring a reusable water bottle to fill on site and stay hydrated.

Bring a note-taking device.

Remember your business cards- PASA events are an excellent networking opportunity.

Bring your questions! Make the most of this event by preparing several questions for the day.

Will food be served?

Attendees are invited to join in a potluck following the tour at the conclusion of the event. 

Who do I contact if I have more questions about this event?

Please contact Aaron de Long at (814) 349-9856 x25 or aaron@pasafarming.org for more information about this event.